How Square Fresco Makes a quality Mobile Application

Developing a Mobile Application does not just require skills & knowledge. It is important to know whether the application developed is good or how the application stands out among all similar/competing application in the market.

  • Stable and Reliable - Testing an application is important before it is released. The testing phase should be tested under multiple conditions. This phase is crucial in identifying the applications bugs, crash or making sure that the logic of the application is properly executed in a well manner. It is also important that the mobile application developed does not use too many resources that may cause lagging in the mobile phone. Resources are meant as memory, space and CPU power.
  • Consistent with the platform - Not every mobile platform has the same working environment. Each platform has its own unique UI and overall user experience. Like iPhone app it is recommended to use standard application bar and navigation control. Whereas Android app it is recommended to use ease to use components, including buttons, text box. Inconsistency with platform causes discomfort for the user who has knowledge about the mobile platform usage habits.
  • Loads Fast - A basic mobile application has to load at least 2 3 seconds before using. Loading that takes more time causes user to be dissatisfied with application. Normally certain application consume large amount of data at startup, to avoid this problem it is advisable to let the user use the main application screen and perform the loading at a different thread.
  • Easy to use & Uniqueness of Mobile Application - Mobile application needs to be easy to install, ease to access, and easy to use by users. Whereas a unique show how does your mobile application stands out among other mobile application in the market.
  • Flexibility & Efficiency - Reducing the number of steps required by automatically retrieve user needs and enabling customization
  • Help user Recognize & Recover from errors - Error messages should be in a plain language indicating the problem and solution, which will help the user identify whether the mobile application used properly or certain criteria, is not meet to execute the process.
  • Utilizing the Mobile Phone features into a Mobile Application - Mobile Phone nowadays comes with amazing features like camera, GPS, calendar and audiovisual recording functions. A good mobile application utilizes these functions helps user to provide the convenience. For example GPS location for Ways, Calendar to remind user of their appointments or event, Camera for an instant capture & upload like Facebook.

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