iManage is the latest business solutions, with daily business digital assistant. The innovation of technologies nowadays changes the way user live. Therefore, the integration between smart devices and business solutions system has made to strengthen and provide convenience to company business processes on ordering to increase company business innovation and development continuously.

iManage is suitable for any business wholesaler, dealer, distributor or manufacturer. It provides the ease of use to every organization by integrating with organization system and customized content management system into smart devices. iMange mobile application provides users with the necessity features and functions that will help with:-

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1) Online/Offline Ordering
User could place their order while online or offline. If offline the ordered product will be saved in the cart feature and will be able to be reviewed offline. User can later submit their order whenever their connected to the network.

2) Ease of Use
Slide menu gives ease of view on navigation. Catalog view of products category and features with addable folder or file and pictures for selected categories. iManage also provides additional picture for selected for user to view a product at an alternate view or angle with full description about the product.

3) Customize Product
User could customize their selected product features / color via Optional & Attribute function in the app.

4) Real Time Processing With Integration to Enterprise Resource Planning Module
With ERP integrated application into existing modules iManage app provides a real-time view core of business processes and transaction. With no additional learning process required to employee due to procedures had done by sub-leaders and therefore human resource for data entry can be reduced

5) Synchronization
In the iManage app activities such as saved order or order form is sync able to web and vice versa when network connected.

6) Improved Efficiency of Sales Efficiency
Increase sales operation by accelerate order processing to improve time efficiency where user do not have to re-enter all orders even during offline.

7) Salesperson
The iManage app will be used by sales person who is generally involves in getting orders outside the office. A sales person could process a userís orders as soon as they are received. The orders are uploaded to a Content Management System (CMS) directly via iPad.

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