Introducing Mobile Application Technologies

At Square Fresco we do not only developer mobile application for our customers, we would also like share/introduce mobile application technologies to our customers.

First of all we would like to share a small fact on how Mobile Application has grown over the years. Mobile Application technology has grown at a slow rate of its early existence and it is now growing extreme. Mobile Application growth has led to massive improvements in communication between one individual to another, wealth, marketing, and has even helped as a tool provide human kind an ease with their daily life's and activities, it has also brought about in limitless market for businesses both large and small to connect with their potential customers.

  • Augmented Reality - This mobile technology uses computer generated data like graphics, GPS, video & sound to augment physical real-world environment. With Augmented Reality it enhances what people see, hear, feel and smell. It converts information into a real-time video which is usually displayed on a smartphone. Augmented Reality takes the form of tagging objects with information
  • Global Positioning System(GPS) - This technology is widely used almost in every mobile application in the world. The amazing fact about this technology is it uses satellite navigation system to provide location and time information to user. Furthermore, GPS technology helps a user to pinpoint their location & and also guides a user to their preferred location. Among the mobile application that uses GPS technology are Facebook, Ways, Google Map and many more.
  • Push Notification - Push Notification allows user to receive a short message which alerts the user of a new message or events, when the user is not actively using a mobile application. When user taps on the notification message, they will be redirected to mobile application responsible for sending the notification. Push Notification provides users with an ease of information/alert message from the related mobile application. The amazing thing about Push Notification technology is that user will be able to receive the short message at anytime and anywhere.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) - NFC technology uses a wireless connection technology that uses radio communication that allows user to communicate between electronic devices within a very short range. This technology is also known as payment technology that enable applications such as buying token, mobile ticket, authentication and check-in location (Facebook)
  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth is a kind of technology that enables transferring of any types of files from 1 device to another device. It basically allows user to remotely access and use devices on a computer or a phone without the need of a wire. Bluetooth technology is widely used to connect many devices like printer, computer or headsets. The amazing fact about Bluetooth is that the signals can travel through walls, windows or any medium type surface.
  • Wi-Fi (802.11ac) - Wireless networking that enables user to access internet through their mobile without wires. In fact many of the mobile application now days requires Wi-Fi to be used. However this technology has its own area limitation between 20-25 meters. Wi-Fi is connected through the antenna which sends waves around the mobile phone. Wi-Fi hotspots are the area around the main Wi-Fi connecter. Wi-Fi hotspots can be mainly found in many areas such as Coffee shop, Office and even at home.
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE) - It's a high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals. LTE is known as the next wireless technology that speeds to hundreds of megabits per second and latency reduction. This technology uses multiple accesses like CDMA and GSM network operators to be fully functional.
  • Location & Context - This technology has the ability to use location as an input parameter in giving contextual services based on location. Furthermore, this technology helps user to search for a specific place based their current location & time.
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) - M2M is all about the flow of data from 1 machine to another machine. This process is generally information flows in a general way from a machine to a network, later it passes through a gateway to a system where it can be viewed.

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