Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Mobile App Development

How much cost of doing an app?

Firstly, you have to prepare for Square Fresco about your mobile application idea about the big infrastructure picture needed for your mobile application - make sure after 'I want an app' it won't be' I have no idea about how my app is going to be'. You can get any idea from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store or just create and plan by your own idea, the more complicated you make the more it's going to cost but also remember higher investment, higher return. Secondly, we would like to see the whole picture of what you want by providing all the contents, image, direction or even any similar app you want us to refer. We would also suggest you about integrating function such as Social Networking, In-App Purchasing, Sharing and etc, so based on the basic buckets of app types, here is our offer we've found that should help set some reasonable expectations:-

  • Simple, table based App Development Cost: SGD1,000 to SGD15,000
  • Database App (Native): SGD8,000 to SGD50,000
  • Game : SGD10,000 to SGD250,000

Additional Mobile App Module Includes:

  • In-App Purchasing Payment Gateway : SGD3,000 to SGD5,000
  • Web Service(API) : SGD3,000 to SGD5,000
  • Game Center : SGD4,000
  • Shared Capabilities: SGD300 to SGD7,500

What is the difference between native mobile app and other app technologies?

Native App, Mobile web app and Hybrid App is the basic concept of mobile app develops in which more than 50% mobile app developer chooses mobile native app, so what is native app and other app?

  • Native App - It is a mobile application that is designed in a specific programming for IOS, Android. It's designed for running on one platform, and can't run in the other. Example as a game designed for iOS won't perform on Android devices. Most of mobile game / app designed is Native App.
  • Web-based app - It designed by core makeup language such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. Web-based application basically is the same as one website - such as the interface, contents, functions and it all loaded from its website. An example is easily with image is:
  • Hybrid App - Combination of the advantage of both Native App and Web-based Appp. It designed by standard/core makeup language.

What is push notification? How it works?

Push notification is a feature to make the announcement from a given mobile app to a given device. It enables users to have a certain interest in the application in iOS and Android so that many mobile app developers consider it as a tool to reach the client. But, How it work? There are typically multiple App developer, each making one or more persistent and secure connections with Push Notification Centre. They are sending app's notification, though Push Notification Centre to thousand of devices on which their users are installed.

Apple Push Notification serves (APNs) - In order to use APN, user needs to register and verify information and identify each device installed apps and choose to receive push notification. The operation is as follows:

  • A warning dialog in iOS app required user to receive push notification
  • If the user accepts, iOS app will connect with APNs to obtain an ID and it's unique that identify installed apps on this device
  • iOS app downloads this ID to your app server
  • When your iOS app server needs to send a push notification, it relies on the APNs server then use the ID from step 2 and 3 to specify the message recipients
  • If the recipient's device is connected to the internet, it will receive and process the message. If the device is no internet connection, the message will be queued and then transferred to the device when it connected.

Google Cloud Messaging (GSM) - GCM is a free service that helps developers to send data from servers to Android App. This service can be a low-volume messaging for Android applications know that there is a new data to be fetched from its server or it can be a message containing a maximum of 4KB payload data.

In order to use GCM, our mobile app developer needs to obtain a long-lived token (API key).

What are the percentage mobile user platform users (IOS, Android) in Singapore?

According to comScore Device Essentials, a service that offers global mobile insights from sixty countries by region-level reporting, Android mobile phone is taking 55.8% of the market while iOS is only 39.8 % in Singapore. According to a Reuters report, mobile users in Singapore are ditching iOS in favor of Android hand phone due to 'iPhone fatigue, a desire to be different and a variety of competitive devices'. That pattern doesn't happen in the Tablet's market when iPad took 85.1% of the market while Android has only 14.4%.

  • The number of app developers: Although the Android devices accounted more than 50% of the global market, but the number of iOS developer is greater 4 times compared with Android developer. The simple reason is Apple Store had developed long time ago.
  • Uploading payment: Both Google Play and Apple App had to require user pay a certain amount for uploading a new app. You have to pay 99USD for Apple App and 25 USD for Google Play.
  • Programming Languages: Apple provides Xcode for developer to create app on Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod. They also can use Objective-C, C++, C or JavaScript. Google provides free SDK, most of Android app are designed by Java, C, C++ are also allowed.
  • Number of App : Users can free download from Google Play in 311,000 apps (in total 430.000- 72%). iTunes has 625,000 apps and the average price is 2.02 USD, it has only 287.000 (46%) free apps.

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