Step 1 - Brainstrom & kick off the project

A kick off will be commence to meet each other, we want to know you more about your business goal and your idea about your mobile application development.

We will first start the discussion on the target platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone, we will also talk about the limitation and identify technology risks on the mobile apps and sketch up the initial wireframes followed by establish communication protocols, momentary milestones and estimated timeline for the whole mobile application development.

Step 2 - Confirm your mobile application requirements

Once we have gathered your mobile apps information, we will work with within our internal account manager, developer team lead to determine the entire mobile apps project requirement such as technologies and interaction model could be used to create the mobile solution.

A detailed user requirement will be prepared by us based on your requirements. This phase is important for any scale of project and we need your involvement and effort to ensure the requirement is collect as it will determine the smoothness of the project.

Step 3 - Mobile application project preparation

When both parties have agreed with the requirement then we will move into development phase, we will split the workload into different aspects.

Visual design development of mobile apps
Mock-up will be designed based on the information gathered and the mobile application's content. We will determine the theme and colour palettes based on your company target audience, and revolutionize your customer view of design.

Programming structure planning
Establish a mobile development project team whose mainly responsibility in preparing the plan and overseeing project implementation, a team leader will be selected and he/she will be the person in charge who communicating externally with you and our account manager, on the other hand, he/she will also supervise our developers and designers internally.

Step 4 - Development

This is where we start the development. Upon agreement to requirement, app visual design, specification for the entire mobile apps functionality.

Developer will scope out each area of build process and timeframes for completion.

In case the mobile application project required connectivity to any third party services (e.g. Json, XML), we will create a level of communication to the service provider to ensure the service is ready before our development.

Step 5 - Implementation

When the development is completed, here's where we test and demonstrate the mobile application in major mobile devices.

Apart from bugs fixes, it is important to ensure that the apps design will be appropriate for different mobile devices. In addition, we will prepare user guide when necessary for you to understand your mobile apps. We will also provide a period of user acceptance testing before the official launch of your mobile apps to make sure the mobile development project meets your requirement.