SgopenHouse Property App

SG OPEN HOUSE Mobile Application was developed to bring a group of real estate investors, each with of 15 years of experience in the market, who wanted to improve both the efficiency and time-costs involved with making appointments for viewing real estate properties.

At the same time, SG OPEN HOUSE Mobile Application was envisaged as a tool to reduce the costs for real estate agents to list available properties to a broad range of prospective buyers/tenants. In addition SG OPEN HOUSE Mobile Application aims to increase the marketing exposure of the listed properties. SG OPEN HOUSE Mobile Application will continually be improved and upgraded as market situations require.

SG Open House Mobile Application provides users with the necessity features and functions that will help with:-

  • Publish & Unpublish Property - Agent could Publish a Property using the app to be viewed by Buyer. Agent will be required to Unpublish a Property using the app once the Deal has been sealed with the Buyer.
  • Property view - Published or Unpublished property will be able to be viewed by agent through the list feature in the app. A Property’s detailed information can also be viewed through the app. Buyer can also view Published property’s list with full detail regarding a Property.
  • Adding Property & Property Editing - Agent could add a Property with the required details in app. Agent could also edit a Property details in app that gives Buyer all the necessity information about a Property.
  • Share Property - Agent and Buyer could share information about a Property via Email/Twitter/SMS & Facebook.
  • Chatting - Communications, bookings and discussions between agents and buyer can be carried out in the SG Open House Mobile Application. These communications are carried out in real-time via chat to ensure a seamless and archived record of business.
  • Schedule flexibility - Agent could set their own meeting schedule anytime or anywhere with buyer according to their own flexibility and Buyer could set or allocate their time according to Agents schedule.
  • Efficiency & Save time - Using the latest technologies, the SG OPEN HOUSE app is a straight-forward, logical, efficient, user friendly and cost- effective tool for agents. Not only that the SG Open House app saves time for buyer whereby they does not need to go around looking for houses in each area.

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