OCBC Banking Survey App

OCBC Banking Survey Mobile Application is developed for OCBC Bank to obtain information regarding their customers and employees satisfactory towards OCBC services.

Through the OCBC Survey app, OCBC Bank can obtain valuable informationís that OCBC Bank can use to improve their services in the future. Among the features and functions provided in the Survey app are:-

  • Questions - User will be required to answer few simple questions based on their purpose of visit to OCBC Bank. The question will also be asked based on visitor or employee. If the user is an employee, he/she will require the state their division. Users are required to comment based on the given satisfactory level.
  • Hidden Feature - Through the OCBC Survey app, there is a hidden feature whereby if a user swipes the OCBC Bank logo 3 times, they will be able to view number of user that have taken the survey and transfer it back to the main server.

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