Duty Officer App (US Embassy)

US Embassy Government Mobile Application is developed for the use of State Duty Officer in the US Embassy. This Mobile Application helps the State Duty Officer with their daily task on assisting American citizens traveling, residing and problems.

The US Embassy Government Mobile Application provides many features and functions that will certainly help a State Duty Officer accomplish their tasks.

  • Duty Officer Log - User will be able to view list of Log created according the each American citizen problems. The app will also show whether the Log has been submitted or not submitted. User can also create a new log by filling the necessity detail. Furthermore, the user can also submit supporting items such as Audio file and Image file and Edit Case details at any time or anywhere.
  • Reference - Through the US Embassy Government Mobile Application, user can have a quick access or guide about certain problems faced by a US Citizen. The reference feature also provides full description about a certain issue.
  • Handbook - User can also view list of handbook available that will help a State Duty Officer perform better in their tasks in assisting an US Citizen.
  • Post Contact / Internal Phone List - With the US Embassy Mobile Application, user can view list of Section Duty Officer details and contact number in case of a need in assistance with one another. User will also be able to view other US Embassy contacts from all over the globe. In the Mobile Application, there is also list of other internal phone list from every department in the US Embassy.
  • Local Contact and Services - US Embassy Mobile Application provides user with list of contact like Police station, Bank, Hotels and many more to help an US Citizen in case of an emergency or guidance. The app provides list of specific contact category, full description and with a Map location.
  • Message - User will also be able to communicate with another State Duty Officer internally without the need to confront the person face to face.
  • Check US Embassy Duty Officer App from here.

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