Adpush App - View . Earn . Share OR Donate

AdPush is a Mobile Application developed to bring users & merchant together.

Adpush is the next generation social mobile advertising platform. Adpush connects advertisers and users by rewarding users who view and share the advertisements.

The Adpush App mechanism is simple, by rewarding users for sharing the advertisements with their friends. The more they share, there more reward they get. By doing so, they are helping merchant to increase your brand, product or event awareness to maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your advertisements. For more information about Adpush, please visit Adpush Website

  • Log In - User does not need to sign up/create an account. User will be required to log in with their Facebook account, which will automatically capture user ID & Password.
  • List of Advertisement - User could see the list of available advertisement to be viewed. When user clicks on the selected Advertisement, they will gain 3 points. User will gain 2 points when they share the advertisement among their friends in the mobile application.
  • Advertisement from Friends - User could also gain more points by viewing on friends shared advertisement & again share it back among his/her friends to gain extra points.
  • My Points - User will be able to view total amount points gathered by the user, with equivalent USD Currency amount. User will be to withdraw their money once they reached the minimum target points for withdrawal. User will have the option to withdraw their money through Paypal or Bank (Maybank, CIMB) or even donate to charity.
  • Invite Friends to AdPush - User can invite their friends to join AdPush, whereby they will be able to gain more points faster with more friends in the app. User can decide to directly send invitation to their friends notification or post AdPush to their Facebook wall.
  • Settings - This setting function allows user to choose whether to on/off notification regarding New Push for New Advertisement or Advertisement from Friends Share.

Benefits and Functions for Merchants:

  • Lower Cost compared to Newspaper, TV and Radio Broadcast, Bulk SMS Plan of Advertising
  • New form of marketing method through social network compare with traditional method
  • Straightforwardly Target Audience View, Share, Earn and Buy
  • Increase brand, product or event awareness
  • Able to promote new launch product, brand or event to user
  • Flexible advertising fee allow allocation of source, daily points allocation

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