The Future of Mobile Application Development

Based on research done by Square Fresco Pte. Ltd, it is found that mobile application is being downloaded more than 270 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion. Mobile application has also become the most well-known computing tools for users around the globe. Furthermore, mobile application is expected to drive in the Future of marketing. In fact mobile application has begun dominating the mobile ecosystem. Research also shows that mobile application represents a larger phase for the mobile industry.

The awesome fact regarding mobile application is that, the number of mobile application connected devices will surpass number of people on earth. Mobile application is a fast growing industry. As the number of mobile application increases day by day, businesses are developing innovative mobile apps to attract the target audience. With different types of mobile application being developed, human lives are expected to be more agile, productive, effective and innovative in the future.

Not only that, mobile application with cloud features will definitely bring smarter mobile application in the near future. Basically, smart mobile application will have the potential to change the way our brain works and also how we learn from these smart mobile applications. Future mobile applications are moving towards connecting to cloud feature. Humankind will learn more on how to access the world's information through specific smart mobile application.

Businesses in the future will also be connected in a more easier & efficient way through the Smart mobile application. Through business mobile applications, users will lead to an increase in mindshare, loyalty and profits. The gap between customers and business owners is reduced when businesses develop mobile application to boost revenue. As mobile application offers businesses with advantages, businesses will develop excellent apps for the users that offer a great experience while reaching potential goals.

Android Mobile Application Development

Android is a major application which is on the rise. Android has developed so well that even refrigerators, car stereos, watches, televisions & headphones are using Android platform. In the near future Android platform will dominate every software or mobile application around the globe.

Android will soon run on Windows and let people use their Android apps on their desktops. Once Android takes over the PC, it will create a browser that will push Windows native apps into a distant third place. In fact the reason for a rapid rise in Android is that there are few smartphone operating software in the market that is top. Other mobile application platform systems will soon be unable to compete with Android platform. Basically the current & future market will soon thrive with Android mobile application development. Android mobile application is activated daily worldwide and 1.5 billion apps downloaded every month & day from Google Play, With the system constantly improving and creating innovative features for developers, business will need an Android app for maximum mobile reaching potential customers.

Apple Mobile Application Development

Future Apple mobile application will redefine the iPhone and the iPad that will allow users to control homes and to monitor their health, thus bring apple to a whole new level of features that will make human lives easier & more efficient. Apple mobile application will soon introduce HomeKit and HealthKit. Through this mobile application, user will be able to control lighting, heating and other domestic services into a single mobile application. The similar mobile application functions for health, integrating mobile application applications that monitor health, activity, and specific conditions such as blood pressure or diabetes. They could even also talk directly to doctors.

It would also allow the integration many other objects such as cars, truck and many more. In the near future Apple's Touch ID, a fingerprint unlocking based system, removing the need to enter passwords each time a mobile application is opened. New features include double tapping the home button to summon up the contacts most recently interacted with, interactive notifications through which users can respond to messages without having to open and close apps.

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