BP Healthcare Appointment App

BP Healthcare App is a Mobile Application developed to provide all BP Health Care customers with an easy access to make an appointment, locate the nearest outlet, receive health tips, updates on latest promotions and events, get a birthday treat, check your BP points, anywhere and anytime on user iPhone.

BP Healthcare Mobile Application provides amazing features and functions that will help simply a userís life without the need to travel around looking for a BP Healthcare outlet or making manual appointment through BP Healthcare Centre.

  • Online Appointment & Appointment type - Through the BP Health Care Mobile Application users could easily make appointments by entering the required information needed by the app. Before a user chooses the type of appointment, a full description about the services provided by the BP Healthcare will be shown in order to provide user a full view about a medical treatment in BP Healthcare.
  • Reward Points - With every Appointments made by user, reward points will be given which are redeemable for cash for user next health screen or purchase at any BP Diagnostic Centre or Lovy Pharmacy.
  • Outlet - User can locate any BP Healthcare outlet nearby based on their current location via Google Map.
  • Promotion - User will be able to view list of promotions available or offered by BP Healthcare. History of promotions purchased by user can also be viewed.
  • Health Tips - Through the BP Healthcare Mobile Application, user will be able to view the latest update or news about Health tips posted by BP Healthcare.
  • Events - BP Healthcare Mobile Application provides updates on upcoming events by BP Healthcare Centre.
  • Coupons - Redemption of coupons can be done by user through the BP Healthcare Mobile Application.

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