AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia)

AGA Mobile Application is developed for doctors that helps in diagnosing and identifying hair loss stage based on Norwood Hamilton chart. Furthermore, this Mobile Application can be used to track patientís improvement on hair loss condition overtime.

AGA Mobile Application provides features and functions that will help doctors to keep track of each and every patientís hair loss problem.

  • Photo Snap - User will be required to take a photo of the patientís top head or hair. Retake photo feature is also available if the desired photo is not taken properly or the clarity of photo is not good enough.
  • Label Hair Stage - The AGA Mobile Application will require the user to label the patients type or category of hair loss
  • Patient Detail - User will be required to fill in the details of a specific patient by Name & Remarks about the patient hair condition
  • Gallery - Through the AGA Mobile Application user will upload the photo with the patientís details of hair loss in to their Mobile phone photo gallery for future reference.

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