RYDE Ride Share App (So called Cab App or Taxi App)

Need a ride!, Need a Taxi? Try it! Ride Share is an mobile application for setting and coordinate taxi, make a taxi reservation on iOS and Android devices. Ride Share improves the communication between taxi(Cab) driver and passenger.

Login with your registered email , enter your pick-up and drop-off location – the app will automatically calculate the distance and estimate total fare. You will able to see the driver found near your area as well as a driver’s profile for who accept your booking. Ride Share also provides you the ability to track your driver and various payment methods. Tired because Taxi queue !!!! Let your trip become more comfortable and safely with Ride Share.

  • Fast - Ride Share will find the nearest taxi for you in only a minute. All you need is just set your destination and we will minimize your waiting time.
  • Easy - Ride Share provides many payment methods for you. You can use PayPal / Credit Card / E-bank for topping-up and purchase for your trips.
  • Safety - Ride Share will provide clear information about your booking taxi - Taxi driver name, Phone no, Car Plate No, Car Make and Car Mode.
  • Check RYDE App from here.

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