Mobile Application Project Development - Couper

Couper Mobile App is an easy, fast and simple mobile social networking platform. Couper brings the functionality of uploading, sharing and even discovering of deals all into one place so you are able to gain coupons just by sharing your pictures - all for free

If you are looking for a deal on your favorite brands, Couper is a new way to get exclusive coupons, discounts and 100% free - offers. With Couper, you just simply take pictures from your device, share to your friends and collect coupon or voucher. By collecting 'likes' on your photos, you are able to get a FREE coupon so that you can redeem, gift it to your friend or even sell it in Couper's market. Couper's main function as other social and mobile platforms, when you can invite your friends on Facebook and receive 1 'like' for each of them. It's up to a maximum 80 likes. #hashtag is also available in Couper - the fastest way to share with your friends. You also can receive notification from the supplier of coming events.

If you are doing business, Couper is the perfect way to connect your product and service to customers. When the traditional advertising is becoming more expensive and competitive. Couper bring your own way to reduce the advertising cost to your customers as saving and discounts. Just simply offer your discount coupon on Couper and with the entire Couper user base actively participating to get new deals, so you not only increase brand exposure to everyone who uses the app, you also generate new customers when user redeem your coupon and share the information with their friends. With the development of social network, you can build your brand and generate new customers in an effective and modern way with Couper.

For more information, please download Couper app from or visit their website at

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