E-SYNCHRONY (lunchActually Dating App) Project

E-Synchrony Mobile Application is developed to bring together a male and a female who are both looking for a relationship or a partner.

E-Synchrony Mobile Application has many features and functions that help an individual to find their partner through the app.

  • Profile Creating - Before user gets started on using the E-Synchrony app, they will be required to fill in their profile in order to be easily matched with another user for a lunch date.
  • My Matches - User will be able to view list of matches by category of Proposed, Pending, Approved, Cancelled & Report matches, so that the user will be updated on know their preferred matches.
  • Dates - The E-Synchrony Mobile Application also provides user with new dates and past dateís information
  • Feedback - Allows user to provide feedback about their date
  • Dating Report - User will be able to view their dating report on their previous dates so that the user will be able to improve themselves for the upcoming dates
  • My Profile - Through the E-Synchrony Mobile Application, user can edit their profile, change password, upload documents and match setting to make their profile more attractable. User will also receive reports about their profile and will also be able to manage their account.
  • Upgrade - In order for user to fully gain benefit from the E-Synchrony Mobile Application, they can purchase or upgrade their account with the date plans to access more features in the app.
  • Photo Exchange - User will be able to view another userís photo or exchange photo in order to get to know better about that particular user.

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