In Square Fresco, our developers and designers has the capability to Customized GUI with very complex graphic designs within mobile apps' user interface design, accessing remote server via Web Services (API), filtering large data transfers between server and client, management and operations and building of Multi-thread architectures.

Process of making high quality mobile app

Did you ever have any creative idea that nobody else has thought of before, and you think it will be very popular? And your trouble is, you don't know how to begin, designing and programming an app! Don't worry! We will help to bring your idea from imagination to smartphone screen everywhere.

Define your target - Before you go into detailing through your idea, you must clearly define the goal and target of your mobile app. Having a good idea and a clear goal for your app is the first thing you have to do.

  • What is the app purpose?
  • What is the app's core value?
  • Is there any problem with the app?
  • How can you deal with it?

Research Period - It not going to be easy for you to build an app that hasn't been done before. There are million app for Android and iOS - Does it make you discourage?

Find out the competitor, whether they are doing the same apps

  • The information of design and technical requirement for your app
  • How you can market your app

You must focus on you own app. Learn from both success and failure of your competitors. This also the time for you to look into your future app interface and technical requirement. You visually conceptualize the design, main features and structure of your app and we will help you from a tech technical standpoint. The next important thing is marketing. You have to think about how to make your app stand out from the market to know exactly how you can reach your target user and how you can show your users about the value of your app.

Create a Wireframe & User Requirement - By sending us your ideas and features, Square Fresco fuse together into a clearly wireframe - it is a process of creating a mockup or prototype of your future app. While you are reading on our wireframes, we also create a User Requirement for your app. It's about how the user can navigate through your app - the connection between each screen.

Back End of Your App - Wireframes and User Requirement are the foundation of your back-end structure. Tell us more about your server, application-programming interface (API) if any. This will help our developer to get your future app faster. Square Fresco also can help you set up servers, database, APIs and storage solution. You also can request us to modify the wireframe and User Requirement according to technical limitation.

We love to receive review about the wireframe. You can help us to improve the process by asking your friend, family members, or any expert honest feedback. It identify flaws and dead-end links. We are taking note of any comment / feedback and adapting your UI / UX. Now we can go into the design process! It's much harder to change things around, so the clearer the prototype from the start, the better.

SquareFresco's Responsibility - Design your app - Our UI/UX designers / app developers now come up with a high-resolution versions of what were previously of app's wireframes - includes all comments / feedback from the mock test. It guide our mobile app developer to the perfect UI. Another test will be given for your app - you can feel your app in the way it will really look and feel

Amend and continue to build - You can still ask us to change layout or anything on the back-end. Square Fresco amend the requirement until reaching your satisfaction.

Show Time! - Now you can submit your app to Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. Different App Marketplaces has different advantage & disadvantage. Once you've gotten your app listed on the app stores of your choice, it's time to market your app and get it seen!

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